Our Ground Station services allow our customers to communicate with their Spacecraft / Launch Vehicle using our infrastructure. We can provide additional coverage to customers who already own a ground station, or connect customers who do not own a ground station. We focus on providing our customers with high quality connectivity through customized and personalized services.

We own a number of ground stations, capable of supporting a variety of frequency bands:

  • L-Band
  • S-Band
  • C-Band
  • (X-Band in work)


We can track and support RF communications from various type spacecraft (small to large) and various orbits such as LEO, MEO, HEO and GEO. We can also support Lunar & Deep Space missions. Additionally we are equipped to record high-accuracy radio science data (i.e. from lunar or deep space missions) which can support i.e. navigational/orbit determination or scientific purposes. We are also able to receive/record multiple downlinks on the same tracking antenna simultaneously.

Launch Vehicles

We can also provide ground station services for Launch Vehicles, providing customers with additional ground station coverage during their mission. We can acquire and track the launch vehicle, receive its downlinks (i.e. telemetry and live video feed) and forward received data in real-time to the customer.

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