Tracking satellites after launch can be a challenge, particularly when many spacecraft are deployed from a single launch. This often leads to difficulty establishing communications and operating spacecraft in the critical first weeks. With our advanced tracking systems, we keep track of our customers satellites and maintain communications. This allows operations to start as early as possible and can significantly de-risk a mission.

Our services:

  • Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) tracking: Locates and keeps track of clients’ satellites after launch, allowing them to start and maintain operations as early as day one. Provides refined TLEs (from our tracking measurements) at regular intervals.
  • Object identification: Once the public catalogue contains objects for the launch, we match our tracking measurements and can accurately identify which object the satellite is.
  • Lost satellite assistance: If communication with a satellite is not established or lost, we can listen for any signs of transmissions and help locate the satellite.

Other applications:

  • Space Domain Awareness: Above services can also support Space Domain Awareness. You can contact us for more information on this topic here.

Whether you are planning ahead for your upcoming mission or need urgent short-term support, we are flexible. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help your operations.